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Catering Sheet

Confetti (Vanilla) Catering Sheet (30cm x 40cm x 7cm)

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Product Description

CONFETTI cakes - A vanilla base filled with CONFETTI rainbow sprinkles, when baked the sprinkles melt into the batter making dots of bright colours throughout the cake to resemble that of Confetti (other white flavours may be used prices will vary) iced with our delicious Cream Cheese icing 

Also available in Cupcakes standard only (not mini’s) Round & Square

  • 30cm x 40xm x 7cm (30-50 slices depdending on cut size)
  • Shelf life in fridge 10 days Can be frozen up to 3 months
  • Available also in cupcakes, squares & rounds
  • We suggest the best results for decorating is..
  • Set your cake up cold from refrigerator - cutting - ganaching etc then decorate your cake at room temperature!
  • Happy Decorating!

Product Information

  • Serving Size -
  • Shelf Life 10 Days
  • Main Ingredient -
  • Allergens -
  • Storage Conditions Refrigerate below 5 degrees
  • Wheat flour
  • sugar
  • vegetable shortening
  • vegetable Fats and oils
  • emulsifiers(471,477,472b,491,322)
  • Antioxidants(322,307)
  • Thickeners (1422,415)
  • Raising agents (500,450,541)
  • Humectant(420)
  • milk solid
  • whole egg
  • salt
  • Maltodextrin
  • flavours
  • Emulsifiers (491,471,472b 477)
  • Pregelatinised maize starch Colours (102,110)
  • wheat starch
  • choc swirl: [Sugar, Wheat flour, Cocoa Powder (minimum 6%), Vegetable Oil, Egg Powder, Thickener (1422), Raising Agents (500,541,341), Emulsifier (435), Salt, Sugar, Water, Unsalted Butter, Preservative (202) Pasteurised Cream (minimum 35% milk fat) Mineral Salt (450,500)Vegetable Gum(400)]