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How many days notice do I need to order a cake?  2 days notice is required - we only bake to order - all orders cut off 3pm 

Example cake needed Wednesday - order must be placed by 3pm Monday. 

Do I need to keep cakes in the fridge? Cake is food - All food should be refrigerated - We recommend all of our cakes finished or naked to be kept at 5degrees celsius. 

Can I freeze my cakes?  Yes you most certainly can freeze all of our products for up to 3-4 months (not cookies)

Can you cut cakes? We can cut & dome your cake in half or in 3's (and you keep the dome)! there is a small charge for this service 

Do you have Gluten free cakes? We offer a range of flour-free cakes finished and naked, see website. From January 22 we will offer a GLUTEN FREE range of cakes and cake loaves.  We are not a Gluten free factory. We do make gluten based products in our factory so we cannot say our cakes are 100% gluten free, we use a "gluten free flour".

Do you have Vegan cakes? A very popular question.. Sadly the answer is NO

Do you bake Dairy Free cakes? Sadly the answer is NO 

Are you open on weekends? We are open Monday to Friday only - closed on Saturday & Sunday's. Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm                                                                         Friday 10am to 3pm (3.30pm latest for pick up)

Do you deliver?  Yes we deliver Monday - Wednesday - Thursday & Friday      Delivery by postcode available through our website  -when you reach check out click delivery - click postcode - delivery day will be advised. Should you have any questions pls phone in business hours 8338 8715 

We do also have distributors on the North Coast and the South Coast please check with our office if we deliver to your area outside of Sydney.