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1kg Naked Plain Cookie Dough


Our Mondo Shortbread dough is ready for you to roll & cut with your favourite cutter. 

Directions:  depends on the thickness you roll out the dough, the size of your cutter and your oven,
We suggest a 180c oven (if fan-forced watch the back) preheated oven and to always do a tester - should be around 10-15mins baking time. (depending on your oven)
Keep in mind some like their shortbread really blonde while others like it more brown and crispy.

Shelf life - 30 days from purchase 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter (milk fat, water, salt), sugar, cornflour, Vegetable oils, emulsifier(322 [soy derived],471)Preservative 202,Natural Flavour, Acidity Regulator 330,Natural Colour(160a),antioxidant 307b             

Storage Conditions: Store in cool dry area, preferably air tight container away from contamination 

GMO Status: To our knowledge and information the above product has not been derived from genetically modified raw ingredients.

Allergens: Product may contain traces of Lupin, peanuts, or other nuts, sesame seeds, milk & milk products, eggs, Gluten, soy, sulphite maybe used in the production process.