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Naked "Eggless" Vanilla Catering (30cm x 40cm x 7cm)


Eggless "Vanilla" this delicious moist cakes is still completely addictive being eggless it does contain flour !

  • 30cm x 40cm x 7cm (30-50 slices depdending on cut size)
  • Also available  Rounds, Squares, Cupcakes standard & minis.
  • This product can be frozen up to 3 months

Shelf Life: 10 Days after delivery at between 0 - 5°C

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Milk Solids, Maltodextrin, Thickner (1412,1440,1442) Emulsifiers (472b,477),Glucose, Milk Solids, Raising Agents(500,541), Salt, Natural Flavour,  Vegetable Gum (415), Natural Colour (gardenia extract)Contains Gluten & Milk.May Contain due to share equipment: soy,sulphites

Storage Conditions: Store under refrigeration between 0 – 5°C.
GMO Status: To our knowledge and information the above product has not been derived from genetically modified raw ingredients.
Allergens: Product may contain traces of Lupin, peanuts, or other nuts, wheat gluten, sesame seeds, milk & milk products used in the production process.