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Creative PRETTY IN LEMON Chocolate Oil 30g by Katherine Sabbath


 Pretty in Lemon Chocolate Oil 

Creative cake decorating chocolate oil colours are a premium range of oil-based colours which disperse perfectly into compound chocolate, couverture chocolate, ganache and all icings. 

The range is comprised of a comprehensive range of gorgeous shades which will make your next creation 'POP' with colour!

  • Designed specifically for chocolate work. 

  • Also, a universal product which disperses seamlessly into all mediums including ganache, buttercream, fondant, meringue, royal icing etc.

  • 100% edible.  Gluten, dairy and peanut free.

  • Based on a premium Lake colour.

  • The Lake base promotes superior coverage, promotes an opaque finish, promotes superior vibrancy and superior lightfastness.

  • Australian made