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12 Chocolate Hazelnut Charlotte Meringue Slice


Chocolate Hazelnut "CHARLOTTE" Meringue slice Layers of meringue and dark chocolate make up this delicious and very different light slice - 12 per box 

INGREDIENTS: Compound chocolate,(sugar, vegetable oil, whey powder, emulsifiers (492) flavours, salt) thickened cream (pasteurised cream, mineral salts $450,500) thickener (400) cane sugar, water, almond, wheat flour, egg , preservatives (202) 

Contains: Gluten, dairy, tree nuts, soy, egg 

Storage Conditions: Store under refrigeration at below 5o

GMO Status: To our knowledge and information the above product has not been derived from genetically modified raw ingredients.

Allergens:  Product may contain traces of Lupin, peanuts, or other nuts, wheat gluten, sesame seeds, milk & milk products & eggs used in the production process.