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9 Lemon Citrus Tart


If you like a little tang in your dessert Mondo's Lemon Citrus Tart will do the job - filled with smooth tangy lemon in shortbread pastry finish off with a dollop of cream - not to confuse it with Lemon lime tart we added the swirly "L" so if you get confused when ordering just say the tart with the letter L  - 9 per box

Shelf Life:14 Days after manufacture at between 0 - 5°C

Ingredients: Sugar, butter, lemon juice, corn flour, egg,  Flour- Vegetable, Margarine Fat and Vegetable Oils partially hydrogenate, water,salt,emulsifiers:mono e diglyceride degli acid fats, acidity corrector :citric acid, conserving: potassio sorbato-flavourings, dyes E160b), sugar, egg,  butter, honey, soya lecithin, salt, leaving agent (difosfato disodico-carbonato di sodio), Emulsifier E472e, Flavourings, Dyes E102,E124)

Information:                Serving size (average):  110g

                                      Av Qty Per Serve         Av Qty Per 100g

energy                          2220kJ       1490kJ

protein                           7.1g  4.8g

total fat                          29.3g 19.7g

sat fat                            16.6g 11.1g

carb                               58.7g 39.4g

sugar                             36.3g 24.4g

sodium                          205mg       138mg

Storage Conditions:  Store under refrigeration between 0 – 5°C.


AllergensProduct may contain traces of Lupin,peanuts, or other nuts, wheat   gluten, sesame seeds, milk & milk products & eggs used in the production process.