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MORE BLOW - The Ultimate Glitter Puffer Spray! By MONICA CAVALLARO


introducing More Blow, Puffers of your fav More Glow range.

  • Gold Flasher
  • Silver Twinkle
  • Fairy Floss Pink
  • Amethyst Purple

Chunkier than a glitter, More Blow delivers More bang for your buck.

What’s so special about More Blow than other puffers on the market? More Blow is a unique blend of 3 grades of Gold Flasher and Silver Twinkle to deliver a unique coverage experience!

You get the coverage of a standard lustre, plus the shine of pumps you usually buy PLUS the chunkiness and wow factor of actual edible glitter!!!

Simply point and puff – the closer you go to your target the more concentrated the frosting effect. Remember to always “fluff” her up before each use so those little hands grab a fresh handful.

Puffer not blowing? It’s because she’s chunky! Smack her bottom firmly or tap upside down to “fluff” her up again and she’s good to go again!

Run out? Refill me with More Glow jars! Yes you read that right, just refill our More Blow puffer bottles!!

Now add to cart dam it!! We went to a lot of effort to create this product for you!!

100% food grade, 100% edible. Halal, Vegan, Gluten Free & Kosher

Ingredients - Food grade Mica powder IO, E552 to E556