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MORE POINTY S/S Precision Tool


  • More Pointy or as Monica will often refer to it as Mr Pointy, this precious tools has so many uses, and everyone who has one finds new uses for it.

    This is a food grade stainless steel tool.

    Ultra pointy and sharp for exact and precise work.

    Uses include:

    Wafer paper - petal placement, details and picking up moist petals - saves on damaging your petals with fingers and nails!

    Isomalt - etching, modeling, placement etc

    Modeling - details for faces, toppers etc

    Royal Icing - great scribe and for placement for sprinkles etc

    Cookies - details, bubbles and more

    Buttercream and sculpting

    Macarons - for popping bubbles and dropping the little nipple bits (Thanks Fiona Campbell for that classic quote and reason to use this awesome tool!)

    And much much more.

    More Pointy is recommended to have the lid on for safety reason when not in use - not for children.

    Pictures courtesy of Moreish Cakes