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Chocolate Mud Catering Sheet


Mud Catering Sheet If you're a chocolate fan this is the cake for you! - We put the "Mmmmm" in Mud Triple layered chocolate with our creamy Mondo Chocolate ganache.

  • 30cm x 40cm x 5cm high - cut with HOT knife
  • 30-50 slices depending on your required serve
  • Available in Individuals & 10" round cake 
  • Can be frozen
  • Shelf life 10 days after purchase refrigerated below 5 degrees

Ingredients :Sugar, Wheat flour; Cocoa Powder (minimum 6%), Vegetable Oil, Egg Powder; Thickener (1422) Raising Agents (500,541,341)Emulsifier (435), Salt, Sugar, Water, Unsalted Butter,Preservative (202)
Pasteurised Cream(minimum35%milkfat) Mineral Salts
(450,500)Vegetable Gum(400)

Storage Conditions: Store under refrigeration at below 5oC
GMO Status: To our knowledge and information the above product has not been derived from genetically modified raw ingredients.
Allergens: Product may contain traces of Lupin, peanuts, or other nuts, sesame seeds, milk & milk products, eggs,
Gluten, soy, sulphite maybe used in the production