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12 Naked Vanilla Cupcakes


 A popular "plain" Vanilla cupcake. Can be dressed up or dressed down whatever the occasion - 12 per box

  • 700mm (7cm) - Height: approx 5cm - come in white cups - can be frozen up to 3 months
  • 12 per box also available in mini cupcakes 24 per box
  • Available also in rounds squares & Catering sheets 
  • Keep in refrigerator until decorating
  • We suggest the best results for decorating
  • Set your cake up cold from refrigerator - cutting - ganaching etc then decorate your cake at room temperature!
  • Happy Decorating!

Shelf Life: 10 Days stored below 5C OR 90 Days below -18c

IngredientsWheat flour, sugar, vegetable shortening, vegetable Fats & oils, emulsifiers(471,477)Antioxidants(322,307) Thickeners(1422&415)Raising agents (500,450,541) Humectant(420) milk solids, whole egg, salt, Maltodextrin, flavours Emulsifiers 491,471,472b 477} Pregelatinized maize starch Colours (102,110)

Storage Conditions:  Store under refrigeration less than 5C

GMO status: To our knowledge and information the above product has not been derived from genetically modified raw ingredients.

Allergens: Wheat, gluten, dairy soy. Product may contain traces of Lupin, peanuts, or other nuts, sesame seeds, milk & milk products, eggs, Gluten, soy, sulphite maybe used in the production process.