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9 Caramel Pecan Tart


Mondo's Pecan tarts just melt in your mouth - Mondo's own pastry filled with Californian pecan nuts in a sweet rich centre makes this dessert a winner - serve with fresh cream and a coffee the perfect morning or afternoon pick me up... 6 per box

Shelf Life: 14 Days after manufacture at between 0 - 5°C

Ingredients: Pecan nuts, Sugar, Water, Salt, refined cane sugar, milk powder, milk fat, brown sugar, butter, egg,  Flour- Vegetable, Margarine Fat and Vegetable Oils partially hydrogenate, water, salt, emulsifiers :mono e diglyceride deli acid fats, acidity corrector :citric acid, conserving: potassium sorbato-flavourings, dyes E160b),  honey, soya lecithin, leaving agent (difosfato disodico-carbonato di sodio), Emulsifier E472e, Flavourings, Dyes E102,E124)

Storage Conditions:  Store under refrigeration between 0 – 5°C.

Allergens: Product may contain traces of Lupin, peanuts, or other nuts, sesame seeds, milk & milk products, eggs, Gluten, soy, sulphite maybe used in the production process